Meizu Phone Notification Settings

JusTalk perfectly supports FCM (Google Firebase Cloud Messaging). To get notified of incoming calls or messages on JusTalk, please allow JusTalk to automatically run in your Meizu phone. The following settings won't affect your device when your JusTalk is running in the background, which means it won't consume more power or mobile data of your device.

How to configure your notifications:

Step 1:

Navigate to your phone's Settings > Apps > All apps > JusTalk > App notifications > turn on Allow notifications, Priority, Heads-up notifications, Alerts, Badge app icon.

Step 2:

Navigate to your phone's Settings > Apps > App permissions > JusTalk > turn on Display views on lock screen.

*NOTE: If you have followed the above instructions, but your call still gets dropped while your JusTalk is running in the background, we recommend that you follow the below instructions to disable the battery optimization of the JusTalk app.

Navigate to your phone's Settings app > Battery > Battery optimization > Find and click on JusTalk > Select Do not optimize.