Why can't I receive notification message when there is an incoming call?

JusTalk perfectly supports Huawei push and Xiaomi push. To get notified of incoming calls or messages on JusTalk: 

(The following settings won't affect your device when your JusTalk is running in the background, which means it won't consume more power or mobile data of your device.)

For Huawei users: 

* Android version 6.0: 

Go to "Phone Manager" > "App auto-launch" > enable JusTalk

* Android version 7.0: 

Go to "Phone Manager" > "Auto-launch" > enable JusTalk

* Android version 8.0: 

Go to "Phone Manager" > "Launch" > "Manage batch manually" > allow JusTalk "Auto-launch" & "Run in background"

For Xiaomi users:

Go to "Settings" > "Permissions" > "Autostart" > allow JusTalk to autostart