Nice To Meet You, New JusTalk

posted on 24 Nov 2017

November is a magical month. It's not only a time we show thanks to our loved ones, but also for shopping and makeover!


For JusTalk team, November is a new start, to bring the brand new JusTalk to our users. Life is busy and filled with so many options. We want to make JusTalk a familiar and comfortable place where you can have a little rest and sincere talk.


We start from user interface of the app, upon advices collected from our users. It's simple and concise visually, and easy to start chatting.


Significant UI changes:


  1. Divide Recents tab into Calls and Messages tab, so it will be more convenient to call or message, also quick to check chat history.



  1. Add a special "JusTalk" button on the bottom navigation bar. It's easier for you to find who you want, and how to chat.



  1. Change positions of "Me" and "Discover".



  1. Redesign friend name card.



Today, we begin rolling out the new JusTalk worldwide. It will be available first on Android devices, releasing gradually over the coming days, followed by the new version for iPhone.


JusTalk has been a part of your life since 2013. Yet, our promise to you has always stayed the same: to help you get closer to loved ones, in simple and fun ways.


If you have any questions, please comment on our Facebook page or send email to We will reply as soon as possible.