Remote Babysitting with JusTalk Kids

posted on 24 Apr 2020

With the situation due to COVID-19, many things are going virtual nowadays, from museum tours to doctors' visits, and even babysitting! With that said, together JusTalk Kids and Babysits can provide a perfect platform to coordinate remote babysitting in a safe and secure environment.

Babysits made it easier for parents to find a remote babysitter to help keep their kids stay occupied during times of social distancing. And JusTalk Kids is a safe video calling app perfect for babysitting. Remote babysitters especially help ease the burden when working from home with kids, as they can help homeschool, entertain, and look after them. So it's a time to schedule a remote babysitter on Babysits and JusTalk Kids.

Specifically, JusTalk Kids is an ideal video calling platform to use with remote babysitting as it ensures safe video chat and messaging, specifically designed for kids, preventing "stranger danger". JusTalk Kids also offers fun features such as doodles, gaming, photo sharing, video recording, and all those help kids learn new things during calls. So how does this work in regards to remote babysitting?

First, parents go online to, select a country and click on the 'available remotely' link to search through all remote babysitters in the area. Since babysitting is not physical, it is a nice opportunity for your child to learn about different cultures by scheduling a babysitter from a different country that happens to speak your language. For example, considering the time change, you can hire a remote babysitter from France, Canada, Spain or the Netherlands and many more. Babysits is a global platform with currently 1.7 million users in 38 countries worldwide.

Second, once you have messaged and connected with your chosen remote babysitter, install JusTalk Kids on your family's device. For remote babysitters, downloading JusTalk is the video chat version for adults and integrates smoothly with JusTalk Kids. In an effort to ensure safety, in order to add your remote babysitter to your contact list, both parties MUST add each other. This is crucial because on JusTalk Kids, children will not receive any notification regarding friend requests, calls, or messages unless they add the parents-approved person first.

Lastly considering your pre-arrangement, when it is time to meet, both parties should be online and either your kids or remote babysitter can initiate a video chat. This allows parents some time to focus. Connecting through JusTalk Kids with a babysitter allows safe communication functions such as doodling and gaming during sessions. You can even use this time for your child to acquire homework help from your remote babysitter.

In essence, hiring a remote babysitter is providing your child with supervised screen time that is safer and more socially engaging, despite the physical distance. Simply download JusTalk Kids from the app store and schedule a remote babysitting call.

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