How To Earn Free Call Credits With JusCall

posted on 12 January 2018

Usually, when calling someone internationally, you pay ridiculous rates or have to download the same app. With JusCall, things are quite different.

You can call any landline or mobile phone in the world. The app also offers various ways for you to earn free unlimited call credits, including watching videos, inviting friends, completing tasks and etc.

This article will help you earn more credits effectively.

Step 1: Check your current balance. In my case, I was having just 8 minutes of free calls left in my account.

Step 2: Tap the tab at bottom right. You have three ways to earn free credits:

(1) Invite friends

Tap "Invite Friends" or "Free credits - Invite Friends". Share your promotion code with your friends. Once your friend creates an account, you will both receive 3¢to make free calls.

(2) Watch videos

Tap "Free credits - Watch Videos". After you finish watching, you will get 0.1¢reward for each video.

(3) Complete tasks

Tap "Free credits - Complete an offer". Once you complete tasks, you will earn 1-1000¢free credits.

Download JusCall now and make unlimited number of free calls with your friends and family!