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JusTalk, A FaceTime for Everyone
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You can FaceTime
with Android now
Are you still bother with your Android phone without FaceTime? Now you can use JusTalk! It provides you HD and smooth video call experience as FaceTime does. Enjoy your chatting as long as you want from now on! A far away friend, a close company!
Smart Night Vision
It has been a long long business trip. How is my honey baby at home? I want to see you, no matter how late I stay up working. With JusTalk, I can watch you so clearly even in the dark! The simple happiness is the true happiness.
Witness every happy moment, experience every touching scene, and feel every exciting second! All you need is JusTalk! Wherever you are, make a voice or video call to follow up what your concern. Choose 2G, 3G, 4G or Wi-Fi, and never stop your chatting!
Do you want to have the similar communication capabilities in your app?
JusTalk Cloud, the possiblility of communication is beyond your imagination!
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